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The Nutcracker, the most expensive Nutcracker in the World. "Inspired from the wish for extraordinary products, this arguably unparalleled nutcracker was created." KWO More.....

The Pyramid was developed in a region of Germany where many people earned their living working underground in mines. The candlelit pyramids mirrored the Miners yearning for light, associating it both with clean air inside the mines and their safe return at the end of the day.

When the candles are lit, the warm air rising up through the blades of the propeller makes the pyramid turn. This conjures up a fascinating play of shadow and light in the room that will enhance the holiday mood.

Music Boxes from some of the top makers in Germany, with a variety of Swiss musicial movements. Something to treasure for a lifetime.

Music Boxes depicting a variety of scenes, from Christmas and Nativity, to Heavenly Angles, Children’s stories and Clasics. A delight for both Children and adults alike.



Candle Arches, ( Schwibbögen ), the tradition of the Schwibbögen dates back more than 250 years, from its origins in the mining villages of the Erzgebirge mountains.

A selection of larger electric Candle Arches available to order in time for Christmas.

According to legend, the semicircular form of these Schwibbögen goes back to when the miners came out of the mine on the last shift on Christmas Eve.

They would hang their lanterns in a semicircle on hooks, symbolising the rounded entrance into the mine and their safe return above ground.


Smoky Man Collectors Club, become a member of the club here, £33.00 approximately 35 Euro.on becoming a member you will receive your welcoming pack .

Your welcoming pack includes:
The Smoky Man figure "Aloisius" sitting.
KWO Catalogue
Handy Folder for your catalogue and
Club Magazine
Membership Card

The club magazine is published ( in German) yearly and includes interesting news about the Smoky Man and the area.



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