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The all in one Smoker ( Right ) Everything you need all in the Smoker. This Smoky Man made in tin, a genuine piece of Erzgebirge Handicraft.

The Smoker comprises of:  The Smoky Man with two Hats. Three fine Neudorf Incense Cones. Storage inside for the Incense Cones and the lighter. A newly developed holder to burn the Cone in and of course the Ashtray to collect the ash from the Incense. Change the Hat to give him a different look and he can even be used as a vase for a single flower.

The complete package as a gift for the lover of the Smoky Man.

Available in Black, Red or Green

Height 150 mm Diameter 70 mm

146/257 Forest House 12 cm


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146/323 Cabin 6.5cm


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170 10.5cm

Snowman House  £26.99

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171 10.5 cm

Santa House £26.99

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172 10.5cm

Hansel and Gretel House £31.99

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9108 h g  cm  £31.99

9107 hr cm  £31.99

9104 h b cm  £31.99

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12314  Gardener  16 cm    £34.99

12318  Cook  16 cm    £37.99

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19031  Forest Folk 19 cm £35.99

19032  Forest Folk 19 cm £35.99

19033 Forest Folk 19 cm £35.99

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Stollen Girl

Smoker with her tray of lovely  Christmas Stollen 20cm

£49.99 (105h4007)

RomanCart: Add 105h4007 to cart Smoky Pumpkin,  Great for Halloween.

Smoky Pumpkin

A lovely incense burning smoker in the form of a pumpkin. Great for Halloween or all year round. (12 cm)

£23.99  (105h0101)

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002  9.5 cm   Smoking House £13.49

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