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Together with the musical box, the vivid narrating of fairy stories, old tales and the Nativity to the accompaniment of pleasant melodies has lost nothing of its fascination. Especially at Christmas time, something of the magic of childhood memories, reawaken upon seeing the moving scenes.

Music Boxes, the boxes themselves handmade by German craftsmen and Women. The skillfulness of the wood turner and the sure-handed artwork, along with the beautiful tone, bringing the Music Boxes to life.

At first, the musical box was nothing more than a simple toy, a box which, by means of turning a handle could be made to revolve and play a tinkly tune. The melody accompanying the little turning figures of people and animals then still sounded rather dull and lifeless. It was not until around 1930 that the first musical boxes were created.

086200B Christmastime (B)

18 cm   £104.99

086183 Seiffen Church & Choir

23 cm  £104.99

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086200N Christmastime (N)

18 cm   £102.99

086227 Choir

18 cm  £104.99

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18 tone: 22 cm  £199.00



18 tone 20 cm  £199.00

Hu121H1000 Angel & Piano

18 tone:   16 cm   £135.99

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Our Small Garden

18 tone:  20 cm  £199.00

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Enchanted Garden

36 tone: £379.99


Star Gazer

36 tone: £369.99

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Apple Tree Summer

36 tone: £369.99


Nutcracker Suite

28 tone: 21 cm  £299.99

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Grp135 Santa Workshop  

9 cm 18 tone: £57.99

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Grp138 Nursery  9 cm

18 tone: £57.99

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Grp140 Toy maker  

9 cm 18 tone: £57.99

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Music Box Base

2.4 x 7.1 inches  £314.99


Teddies at Play

5.9 x 9.8 inches  £94.99


Teddy Bedtime

5.9 x 9.8 inches  £99.99


Church Choir

5.1 x 5.9 inches  £89.99


Kitchen Baking

5.1 x 5.9 inches £139.99


Rabbits at play

18 tone: 23 cm   £194.99

Music Box Instructions

Please read.

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